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Ranger® 330MPX™ Engine Driven Welder (Kohler®)

Ranger® 330MPX™ Engine Driven Welder (Kohler®)

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Premium welder/generator with excellent multi-process capability for stick, TIG, MIG, gouging, and pipe applications.

Features & Benefits

The Ranger® 330MPX™ welder and generator leads the way for the construction, maintenance, and service truck industries. The modern design and advanced features allow this machine to streamline welding operations and improve efficiency at the job site. Check out the features below:

SMALLERThe Ranger 330MPX has a 20 percent smaller footprint and is 25 percent lighter than other machines in its class. It transports to the field with less bulk and less effort, leaving more room for other tools and accessories needed on your job site.

SMARTERThe Ranger 330MPX’s digital user interface offers a suite of advanced technology that improves weld performance and productivity.

Performance Boosting Technology

  • Quick Setup with Ready.Set.Weld®
  • ArcFXTechnology
  • CrossLinc™ Technology
  • The Chopper Technology®

High Quality Operations

  • Clean AC generator with 10 kW of continuous power
  • Plenty of power at 330A/28V for 100% duty cycle to weld ¼ in. 7018 electrode
  • The Magnum PRO 250 LX GT Direct Connect Spool Gun
  • Arc gouging capabilities up to 3/16” carbon electrode

QUIETERThe Ranger 330MPX is up to 60% quieter than other machines in its class to enhance safety and comfort in the workplace.

Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging
Output Range
NON-IEC Rating: Maximum Output: 330A/28V/100%IEC Rating: DC TIG: 330A/23.2V/100%IEC Rating: DC Stick: 292A/31.7V/100%IEC Rating: DC Constant Voltage: 312A/ 29.6V/100%
Rated Output
Engine Type and Fuel Type
Kohler®OHV Command CH740Gas
Generator Continuous Power
Generator Peak Power
20in x 26in x 36in (508mm x 660mm x 914mm)
446lbs. (202.306kg)
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